The projects become big projects when one takes care of the little details.
The precise will to create furnishings, to sell a project and not simply furniture, forces us to search a constructive relationship, for the purposes of elaborating personalised living solutions which are made to measure and which satisfy your requirements and your taste.

Tailored consultancy.
Nice is expensive? At time but not always. Within the wide range of products proposed by our companies, we will identify the solution which is most suitable to satisfy your budgetary and space requirements. We will guide you through different settings which represent different styles for the purposes of finding together the solution which represents you best and the choice which is capable of expressing your taste.

Complete design.
We will take notes and measurements directly at your home, thus providing you with support from the technical and executive point of view including eventual structural interventions, hydraulic and electrical plants. The compilation of a clear and detailed quote will follow the project plan to guarantee utmost professionalism. Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to visit with us our companies' showrooms, where you can see and touch all the products of the collection.

Transport and assembly with qualified personnel.
We trust our products exclusively in the hands of specialised personnel who will be able to solve in the best way possible any eventual problem.

Aftersales service.
The quality of our products is guaranteed primarily by the name of our manufacturing companies, all leading companies in the sector and known on the international market. Furthermore, our assistance remains at the disposal of the client even in the years following the sale of a product to verify, repair and eventually replace any component which can be defective. Our clients archive allows us to trace quickly the products acquired and to intervene in the best manner possible to satisfy every request for expansions, additions or replacements.

The punctuality in the execution of all the phases of the work, from the first annotations at your house to the development of the project, from the delivery to the assembly carried out by specialised personnel, is the tangible evidence of our efficiency and professionalism.

Personalised payment.
Together we will find the most comfortable solution to be able to furnish your house with extreme peace of mind and serenity. An asset which lasts in time.